Built in 1886, Pine Street Market was known as The Carriage and Baggage Building and was used as a livery and horse-drawn carriage storage facility until the early 1900s. The building’s interior is beautifully timber-framed with high ceilings and authentic Douglas Fir beams.

With 100 horse stalls on the second floor and four massive tanks on the roof that provided water to wash the stalls, the building was essentially a parking garage before the age of the automobile.

When the automobile replaced the horse-drawn carriage, the building was used as storage and retail for Mallory Logging and Contractors Supplies for decades until 1969 when it became home to the very first location of Portland’s Old Spaghetti Factory, which relocated in1981. Since then, the ground floor has housed a string of nightclubs with storage on the upper floors. By late 2015, Pine Street Market will create a new chapter in the history of this landmark building.